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We go the extra mile to ensure that anyone who enters his or her name for a free ticket to attend any of events receives this ticket.  But sometimes, we may have less available tickets compared to entries received.

When this happens, we use the early bird scheme to give out the free tickets; those who entered the competition first receive the tickets.

For you to be able to know when a show/event is up on time---so to be able to request/apply for a FREE ticket, JOIN OUR MAILING LIST.  This way, you would receive an email the moment we upload a new upcoming event/show for you to quickly apply for a free ticket.


Can I Give My Tickets to A Friend?

We’ve had people asking this; Can I give my assigned ticket to a friend---and our answer is always the same; NO.

If for any reason you cannot attend any of our events which you’ve won a ticket for, kindly ring us or email us to inform us of this---and we will gladly give out your ticket to the next person in line.

You cannot pass on tickets to others and if you fail to attend events which you’ve won tickets for, you may never get anymore tickets from us in the future.


How to Book A FREE Ticket for an Event/Show

To book tickets, go to the current shows page and select the show in which you are interested. Follow the instructions there.


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Ticket4Show.Com is owned by UK based film Distribution Company and it’s dedicated to giving our FREE tickets to ... Read more

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